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How can we serve a population if we don't know who they are?

Olviner Corporation is pioneering market survey that connects underserved communities with critical products and services.

Olviner Corporation is a market survey firm. Our ability to understand the deeper conceptual, psychological, cultural and social issues that shape today’s complex markets. Olviner Corporation provides unbiased, comprehensive, in-depth research analysis, generating insights into consumer and market behaviour. Olviner Corporation uses a variety of Quantitative and Qualitative research techniques and innovative technology to understand consumers and their behaviour. Olviner Corporation designs and conducts consulting assignments to help our clients be the leaders in their respective industries.

Underserved populations want affordable access to quality products. Companies seek knowledge about the growing market. Olviner Corporation brings them together through inclusive market survey.

  • For companies, our service provides the needs, wants, habits and behaviours of hard-to-reach populations, while enabling them to expand their reach and consequently their sales.
  • For our-self, through this survey we will explore the actual need of consumer’s for their daily needs with low & effective price.
  • For socially, this will gives financial freedom to poor & low-income class communities and helping them to grow equally.

Our Services

Market Survey

Our primary market survey:

Data Collection & Community Mapping:

Olviner Corporation first gathers vital information about the realities of underserved populations. We’ve designed a system for gathering data which is more faster, accurate, secure, and economical than traditional paper & pencil methods, and that is specially adapted to work in poor & low-income class communities. We recruit and train -off-role-agents- to collect data door-to-door. This will gives financial freedom to –off-role-agents- and understand the resources better.

Delivery of Information, Products and Services:

While on these hard-to-reach doorsteps, agents have the opportunity to not only collect good data, but also to give essential information, products and services. In exchange for the residence contribution to our centralize data base of knowledge, people receive door to door product distribution and they also get engage in mutually beneficial knowledge sharing. This research process builds a network of trust between people, which facilitates access to relatively complex and often volatile markets.

Customer Feedback Loop:

After collecting data through door-to-door conversations, our –off-role-agents- conduct an impact assessment to understand how new information and products have, or have not, changed behaviour. The data collected, community inside gained, and relationships built will pave the way for governments, the private sector, NGO’s & international organisation to more effectively understand customer demand in undeserved population. Principal outcomes for companies include improved market access, new distribution networks, increased brand equity, and contributions to community development.

Trading, Advertisement & Brand Promotion

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